Who is Rita Reimers?

Meet Rita Reimers, Cat Behaviorist Extraordinaireritareimersandabbycat

Rita has always been drawn to animals, cats in particular. And they have always been drawn to her. She possesses a unique ability to communicate with and understand the tender nature of cats. Rita has been a cat lover and communicator since she was a child, and she now shares her home with cats of all ages and temperaments.

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Rita’s Cat Behaviorist Expertise

I never met a cat I couldn’t help,” says Rita. “I understand cats and their subtle ways of letting us know what they want, and it’s become my mission to help cat owners understand and communicate better with their felines.


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Not everyone understands what it’s like to deal with a cat problem, or to love your cat so much you would do anything to please him.  We understand!

When you join our “Members Only” Club, you will receive:

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Happy Cat Parents

Supervising Casting Director, My Cat From Hell

I was just talking about you the other day. I’m not sure if you remember that I work for the company that makes the show ‘My Cat From Hell.’ When we have people try out for the show and do not make it, we give them your information. Hopefully some of those cases reached out to you for help!

Bruce and Lulu are great! They are back to being inseparable and haven’t had any more fights. I am very thankful for everything you did to help get them back to normal.

Thank you for following up.
Hope all is well.

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Is your cat “missing” the litter box? Does your furniture resemble a scratching post? Are you trying get your cats to like each other, or at least peacefully ignore one another?

Often times, all it takes is one session with Rita to turn things around and return peace and harmony to your household. With a detailed analysis of the problem, a custom-made plan of action, and regular follow ups from Rita, your cats will once again become the little purry angels you fell in love with.

Book an email, phone, Skype, or In-Person session (Charlotte only) with Rita today and give your kitties A New Cattitude!

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Check out my blog posts for more kitty information. Don’t see the answer to your cat question? Submit your question here, and I might use it in a blog post!